My PTSD tools work again

Covid and an old trauma surfacing, Combined with my childhood trauma, sending me spiraling downhill.

My tools, meditation, letting go, focus, distraction, aerobic exercise, internal family system, act therapy, etc. Nothing worked well anymore.



When PTSD activates at this level, it powers itself to even more control.

I searched for cracks, for relief, in therapy, in meditation but suffering persisted, depression became the culprit.

Then, I searched for a psychiatric nurse practitioner.

He prescribed Abilify.

My PTSD tools started working again.

No, I am not healed but I can navigate much better.

Meds do not heal us, they allow us to do the daily work.

A pill is not going to heal you.

You will heal yourself, promise!

Happy healing!

2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m glad to hear you found something to help your tools work again. It’s so hard when suddenly nothing is working anymore. 💙

  2. Thanks for the encouragement

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