Becoming Aware of our minds slant

During the morning shower, our minds peruse the day.

Do we see opportunity, responsibility, or do we see doom and gloom?

Are we excited or dreading the day?



Does your mind worry about the unknown, what may happen today or tomorrow?

Sitting here writing, I want to say I do not worry about the unknown, but that would be a lie.

It is such a habit from childhood, practiced for 70 years, subconsciously.

I am aware of it, now.

It means I would have to trust, trust strangers, and change my mind about perceived danger.

It’s part of my nervous system, my defense mechanism is far more sensitive than a normal person.

I waste an inordinate amount of time and energy spotting danger without thought, it is automatic for me.

It is why we isolate, why we avoid at times.

Friends know how we cancel many scheduled events for crazy reasons.

Boils down to we feel very unsafe, in danger, and want to stay home.

Friends think we are weird, flawed.

We are. 😎

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