Updated: The Ego versus Mindfulness

The ego grasps identity, needs approval, achievement, and a sense of superiority.

Mindfulness is about letting go, bringing perspective to desires.

The ego is rigid and narrow, mindful flexible and expansive.




The ego is created, mindful just is.

The ego feels isolated, better or worse not equal, the mindful totally connected to one another and things.

The ego is like a prison, the mindful freedom, the universe.

The ego always needs, the mindful, fulfilled with life exactly like it is.

The ego judges, the mindful accepts.

The ego avoids, the mindful stays even when vulnerable.

The ego has goals, the mindful a journey.

The ego restricts growth, the mindful unlimited opportunity.

The ego feels unworthy, the mindful complete.

The ego races, the mindful enjoys, slows.

The ego affiliates with anger, hate, resentment, the mindful has perspective and balance when expressing emotions.

The ego is lonely, the mindful at peace.

The ego is sad, the mindful happy.

4 responses to this post.

  1. The Ego is driven, confused, mindful balanced with clarity

    The Ego always wants more, mindful satisfied in this moment

    The ego creates mirages, mindful only has reality

    Less ego more mindful equals more chances at happiness

  2. Wonderful write up of how they differ. I forget that some of these aspects like “driven” are ego based.

  3. Oh ego runs amok

  4. Any emotion, ego is in control

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