..One skill can be used a million times.


One skill can be used a million times.

Some skills are that valuable.

My meditation practice is my Swiss Army knife.



The ability to focus when all hell breaks loose can not be understated in importance.

Along with that benefit, I can sit silently focused on my breath, shutting down PTSD Completely for 30 minute periods.

We need all the power and the safe spaces to battle PTSD.

The issue becomes healing the damage rather than quelling the unrest.

My damage is internal and perceived as extremely shameful.

For me the beatings and physical abuse have long faded, it is the emotional pain that endures.

We need to perfect a few skills, I used daily repetitive practice to hone my tools.

Learn to focus on the breath while letting go.

You will use this skill over and over and over again for relief.

We can add other skills, reframing, aerobic exercise, chanting, affirmations, etc..

We need places of strength, where we are confident in our abilities to protect and feel safe.

Acquire as many skills as you can, then use them everyday.

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