PTSD BRINGS TUNNEL VISION, we only see inside our trauma bubble (our triggers).

PTSD dominates our life entirely, we fear, then avoid, and freak out around our triggers.



Looks similar to a narcissist; except we lack worthiness, being confident, and arrogant is extremely foreign to us.

Bulletin: So many of us are lonely, depressed, and suffering. Those are the non-traumatized people. ………….Seriously!

Ptsd dominates our thoughts, our nervous system, and our emotions.

We have to guard against this total focus on ourselves, the world is happening around us.

Ptsd gains power the more we isolate.

I need to revisit my gratitude practice.

I am blessed, healthy, strong willed, stubborn and a scoundrel.

Affirmation: In this moment, right now, I surround myself with kindness, and an invincible coat of worthiness!

Damn, I like the feel, of those words.

Many suffer much more than us, we can help them instead of worrying or doubting.

We have survived an ordeal and should celebrate,

rather than let PTSD dominate.

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  1. Posted by rudid96 on March 24, 2022 at 3:09 pm

    Mindful Marty, Amen to the expressed words in your post!
    Today’s picture created an interesting commentary in my mind. It was a PTSD metaphor. It occurred to me that my grounded times, as in these moments, are when I balance the adornments inside my C-PTSD tunnel. For example; enjoying my late morning coffee, light music in the background, reveling (without guilt) in the indulged purchase of spring flowers which are now collected in a vase. I am content. I am self-embodied.
    My Head smiles at my child-like parts. BUT, this quiet pleasure rests mostly within my tunnel of solitude. True strength comes with the ability to balance these elements with those outside that tunnel. That’s where I fall apart. The anxiety obliterates my carefully gathered elements of calm. Safety disappears. Then begins the arduous process of finding & arranging my beloved tunnel.
    If only my Parts would absorb that it’s not THIS or That, but it’s both.
    At this point, healing won’t be a caterpillar-like metamorphosis. Age and circumstances are limiters. Growth will be a graceful acceptance that I’m This AND That. In fellowship, strengthening vulnerable areas may occur but a lasting peace will be found in embracing the duality of the trauma existence. I meditate on that.

  2. Interesting

    We do feel safer when we are alone maybe inside our domain.

    I have unsafe places, maybe a place where my mind just runs wild and memories of old trauma abound

    I avoid unnecessary heightened anxiety places and people

    I avoid the narcissists in my life, that helps

    This blog is a conduit to safe people, fellow sufferers or as you say our ptsd fellowship

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