Being in Fellowship with other PTSD sufferers

It would be nice to have a fellowship of PTSD people like this group.


Rudid96 states: “Being in fellowship with others that are actively working at coping with life while navigating trauma is bonding.”

“I feel more comfortable with people that understand PTSD and C-PTSD.”

My two cents: Being in fellowship describes this blog, we are actively working to heal and help each other.

My blog is sacred ground for me, a safe space where others understand my journey and challenges.

I do feel others understand me more on this blog.

How do we transition those feelings to strangers who have not been abused as kids?

Being misunderstood and judged harshly is part of the complex PTSD experience.

How do we act normal when triggers are nearby?

How do we act like danger is not near, how do we ignore the emotional thoughts streaming in?

My meditation practice, my ability to focus and let go works most of the time.

Nothing I have tried has ever shut my PTSD down completely.

This is a war (mental disorder) that lasts from childhood to death.

As Rudid96 says our life is lived in parcels, some parcels are happy, others are irrational PTSD parcels.

Some desirable, some detested, these are life challenges.

Thank you to all for following and participating on this platform, we journey together.

6 responses to this post.

  1. It is great to have this space and I really appreciate reading your blog. I think i have heard such an inordinate amount of negative messaging about some of the things I’ve used to cope throughout my life and some of the things I’ve been unable to do. The compounding of shame and guilt and blame has seemed unending but there was no compassion or understanding or relatability to be found. I am really grateful to have some words to feed my inner self finally who has sat alone with all this scared to death. It is healing and useful. thank you!!

  2. I guess this blog holds space also for those who need direction and a safe place to express themselves

  3. Thanks Melissa

  4. I wish there was one

  5. Like In the picture (in person)

  6. Me toooo

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