Rudid96 shares some wisdom:


“This blog post describes perfectly the life of a person living alongside trauma. Life is parceled out. ( this is the referenced post,

I may begin the day grounded but must remain vigilant.

Anything or anyone may shatter the careful calm I’ve worked so hard to cultivate.

Every moment can be tinged with anxiety.

I feel more comfortable with people that understand PTSD and C-PTSD.

Adorning the public mask can be weary.

I can be spontaneous and just as quickly retreat in silence.

I can laugh freely or be consumed by the desire to self-harm.

Being authentic is an ongoing process.

Being in fellowship with others that are actively working at coping with life while navigating trauma is bonding.

I need space, alone time, and exercise.

Listening daily to carefully selected trauma coaches helps me balance and feel less isolated.

What are the criteria for taking risks? Time, proven reliability, support, shame deflectors.

How hard is it to go out when triggered? I’ve learned to cope by dissociating.

I tuck it all in and when alone, fall apart.

It manifests later as depression and self-harm.”



3 responses to this post.

  1. I think this is a great post

    Rudid96. We could collaborate on a book.

    You write better than me

    A book with two journeys that have collided would be different

    Who teaches who

    Well we are on this journey together

    Thank you for your courage to share and help,others


  2. Rudid96 what a brutally honest and informative response.

    Being in fellowship sentence is amazing view

    I agree

  3. Life is parceled out

    Yes exactly I like the visual

    We have nasty compartments if childhood trauma that explode at their own pace

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