How much drama has PTSD caused?

How many friends has PTSD cost you?

Besides the drama involved, avoiding and isolating keeps me out of groups or friendships that demand time and effort.


I will not go out of the house at times, which limits friendships and social interaction.

I can not explain that sentiment to a non traumatized person.

He/she will never understand the power and the fear involved.

It is invisible to them, our demon.

They see weakness of character and a dysfunctional adult instead.

I value safety over having many friendships anyway.

Friends have to accept we are weird at times, have odd behavior, mood changes, and a need to be alone at times.

It is easier not to have new friends than have to explain all of our idiosyncrasies.

I am different, much different than others, my thoughts are negative, dark, and harmful at times, I avoid and isolate to escape people and their potential damage at times also.

In a way, you could say the damage has quelled any ambition to risk for anything these days.

Safety and solitude are better choices for Complex PTSD sufferers.

How do we escape the maze of childhood abuse and betrayal?

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  1. Posted by rudid96 on March 21, 2022 at 1:40 pm

    “How do we escape the maze of childhood abuse and betrayal?” I’m still in this conundrum. Want to live a labeled perception of ‘normal’ and be pulled back into all the C-PTSD behaviors. Seeking and distancing, safety and fear experienced simultaneously, UGH! It’s maddening! The only thing I know is true is that there will be brief periods of ease. The storm will temporarily quiet but it’s always there. Tending the good parts is essential. Learning to ride out the dysfunctional parts with tools and compassion is equally essential.

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    At peace


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