Judgments and PTSD

Thinking, dissociating into the past or future fuels PTSD, it is jet fuel for the mental illness.

We judge ourselves, compare to others, which leads to worry, doubt, and increased symptoms.

We judge with our PTSD brains




An abusive childhood turns into a suffering adult, judgments lead the way.

Thoughts, especially judgments, sentence us to more suffering.

When PTSD is active, I resent life and act like a victim.

My abusive childhood is over.

Judging a past trauma event brings it back to life with a victim mentality.

The proper way to improve is to accept what happened without judgment or comparison.

We lose if we compare our life to a normal person.

Our sweet spot is free of thought, focused mind, ever-present, letting the senses see, hear, feel, and touch without comment or judgment.

Unguarded thought and rumination are the Achilles’ heel of PTSD.

PTSD wins sometimes, but I win most of the time now.

Practice coming back from being lost in thought daily.

Be aware of your thoughts, your subconscious leanings, and your inner world.

I’m have practiced this at least a million times in the last decade.

Make your focus bulletproof, learn to meditate.

That means I have improved not healed, still in the midst of the daily battle.

It is my ultimate weapon.

A benign focus exercise that gives us more power than any other therapy.

7 responses to this post.

  1. How do you do it? Does meditation help? I’m in trauma therapy right now trying to process a decades worth from childhood to adult.

  2. Meditation has been the most powerful tool. It allows you to carry out your therapist’s instructions much easier

    I took my meditation practice into the center of my fight or flight mechanism firing

    It took a while but I could dissipate the cortisol and adrenaline and breathe until I was back at normal

    It is half the battle

    Therapy will do the rest with practice

  3. It can be so boring because I am always running around doing something. Any tips?

  4. We can zoom and I can share with you the basics

    It is boring and that’s why few work to get past the boring

    It is the most powerful, tool we have

    At times I select what my mind views and what it grasps

    It is the most powerful tool I have

  5. That would be great, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble. Today tough I have a sick kiddo at home.

  6. Mparrill@aol.com email and we can connect

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