Emotions are Ephemeral and Fleeting

Shaila Catherine in “Focused and Fearless” says, “Emotions are dynamic processes that are in a state of flux.

If you don’t refuel them through obsessive thinking, they will change and fade.

We learn to be present to the full range of emotions by feeling their changing energetic expressions in the mind and body.”




Matthew Ricard: says emotions are ephemeral and fleeting.

“Rather than distinguishing between emotions and thoughts, Buddhism is more concerned with understanding which types of mental activity are conducive to one’s own and others’ well-being, and which are harmful, especially in the long run.”

Richard goes in to say “There are no “emotion centers” in the brain.

The neuronal circuits that support emotions are completely intertwined with those that support cognition.”



My two cents: Let the negative emotions fade while enjoying positive ones.

Emotions and thoughts are appendages, not permanent, not that important compared to being free, present.

The last hour I have experienced 10 emotions, which one is me, or you?


Happiness is not an emotion, it is a way of being, of living and it can last days or months.

An emotion can evaporate in five seconds without attention.

Know your emotions and their limitations.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by rudid96 on March 16, 2022 at 10:20 pm

    Wow, have I missed this place!!!
    Total technology problems eliminated all ability to participate. Today’s post couldn’t be more perfect as the stage for sharing my experience.
    Thru no fault of my own, I found that was totally cut off. No phone, no Internet, no TV. The more I attempted to resolve the issues, the worse it became. This triggered huge feelings of helplessness, being ignored, and isolation. This is particularly impactful with people experiencing PTSD.
    I noticed my depression soared. Try as I might reframe, the negative thoughts exploded. Finally, today there was a resolution. I breathe more easily. This entire experience underscores the statement “Emotions and thoughts are appendages, not permanent, not that important compared to being free, present.”
    During this entire lousy episode, I did a lot of breathing. However, there was too much mental interference to meditate. I DID notice that listening to the Audible story “All Creatures Great and Small” calmed the emotional storm. I experienced a respite of peace. Could this be a form of meditation? I’ve missed you Mindful Marty.

  2. Oh yea it could

    I know a kundalini group online that u would love and feel safe

  3. Depression soared, you had an isle mind, ruminating, it’s a snowball rolling downhill Rudid 96

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