“Ego” and Compassion

I had to find compassion for healing to proceed.

The damage, the pain felt like velcro, a stain, my “Ego” felt it was permanent.


Remember, “Ego” is created from perceptions, how our caregivers, friends, and the world treat us, added to what we think of ourselves, all meshed together to make our fictitious power character.

Our “Ego” feels like the real me, a mirage of hyperbole, of deception, of folly.

We are not our “Ego” or what we think we are.

Judgments from our cognitive machine fail miserably when connected to our created “Ego”.

My “Ego” thinks I am a failure, flawed and unworthy.

How bout them Apples!

Hell yes, it is a battle every day.

I am not a failure, flawed or unworthy.

Who wins the battle controls happiness or suffering!

Know thy enemy, the internal dialogue, our self-talk, our demon inside.

I find more peace of mind when thought has ceased, the focus is acute and my body is relaxed with simple things.

Simple things, a child smiling, a perfect flower, a blue sky, a scrumptious taste of food or a warm breeze soothing your skin, etc. make me smile.

The “Ego” wants to wallow in the past, holding on to every event where he/she felt wronged, betrayed or criticized.

Fact: “Ego” is created for identity nothing more.

We captain our ship, “Ego” is a galley slave created to serve us.

A novel idea!

Discount the “Ego” stay present and aware, enjoy life.

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