A Prerequisite for Healing!

Currently, my goal is to integrate a long-buried betrayal.

Our “Ego” is the part of us who never feels equal to another “Ego”, who resents, is jealous, and happy being a victim.


He/she is the one, who is wronged, frequently outraged, and always mistreated.

Problems arise because of the pain and suffering my “Ego” holds onto dearly.

Meditation has allowed me to go below my “Ego” for short periods.

During these periods I work on healing, integrating trauma my “Ego” desperately fights to hold into.

Remember, the “Ego” wants control whether we suffer more or not.

Compassion finds it hard to exist with the “Ego” in charge.

While meditating, with my “Ego” dormant, I find my compassion center and accept what has been supported by my PTSD.

More healing happens when our “Ego” is dormant, which means we are focused and present, not thinking, not worrying, not ruminating.

Takes 15 minutes a day minimum to improve.

Guess who will fight you for control of your being, “Ego”, that’s correct.

Practice every day, earn your healing, bask in the improvement.

Happy healing.

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