PTSD: Irrational by definition

Parts of the brain are offline when PTSD becomes active, we lack our emotional regulation and discernment skills in these times.

It’s like a snowball gaining momentum rolling down our PTSD hill.



Some days our slope is minimal and other days a steep incline, every once in a while we have level ground.

We all have our special vulnerabilities and weaknesses that are exploited.

I have an event, a perfect storm of a horrible childhood colliding with a devastating betrayal as a 20-year-old.

It’s was like my six-year-old traumatized little boy got betrayed publicly.

Neither that little boy or the 20-year-old relate to the current 70-year-old guy.

The two traumatized versions of me are detached and dysfunctional.

When they are active life narrows, becomes very dark and rigid.

Thoughts, that some things that happen to us are worse than death, generate in my trauma brain.

I am in danger and suffering while in this mode.

An alarm should sound, the red lights need to be flashing, get out now!

Just a normal day in the PTSD neighborhood.


Help! Mister Bill!


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