Accepting the hand (Childhood) we were dealt

We have to accept the consequences of our childhood abuse or suffer from the resentment and anger which ensues.

It is easy to be bitter, consumed, depressed, and a victim.

Why me, can gain a foothold, then dominance.



I can attest to it’s power and pull.

We all slip back into trauma memory, maybe with triggers firing, nothing is guaranteed.

We do not heal one day, then live a peaceful life thereafter.

The ride is a rollercoaster like, highs then lows, crisis, and achievement taking turns.



My life has never been smooth or easy, but who says life will be easy, fair, uncomplicated.

Comparing my childhood or life to other people is a minefield for suffering.

I lose and will be depressed if I compare my life to my normal friends.

Again, this present moment, free of judgment, focused and alert is our safe spot.

Observe, without judgment, without thought, be curious what the eyes see, nose smells, ears hear, skin senses, or mouth tastes.

We are a movie camera, enjoying the scenery from a distance.

Can you observe without filtering cognitively?

The Buddhists describe it as just being in the moment, the ego has faded from importance being the key.

I can observe easily when my Ego is dormant.

That judging invention is our comparison machine, it never feels equal to another Ego.

Ego’s are always jousting for position, importance, or relief from suffering.

Below the Ego, there exists a place where thought and words do not exist, the creative side of our brains.

Meditate, focus and venture there for relief or peace of mind.

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  1. Very true!

  2. Thanks for the input

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