Goals: Take small actions everyday, try to heal a little

Well-being and healing are dictated by our moment-to-moment behaviors.

Bring awareness to your thoughts right now, are you focused, present, lost in thought, ruminating, or directing your thought.





Directing our thought helps us solve problems, pass tests, navigate issues, and survive challenges.

This way we do not get lost in the past or entertain future worry.

Staying present, observing what our senses are detecting without judgment, is our ultimate goal, the way of living (healing) we desire.

Ruminating and being lost in thought fuel PTSD and depression.

So this is our small action to heal PTSD in small ways.

Today, bring awareness to this present moment, if you find yourself not present, come back and observe.

The more we limit leaving this present moment to venture into the past or future, the more we heal.

It does not take extra time, it keeps us more focused, more relaxed, and more productive.

It is an action, an awareness activity, it takes no investment of time, we just work on being aware first, then present second.

It is free and devastating to PTSD’s desire to rule our being.

We are not striving for perfection, we want daily small incremental improvements.

This dedication grants us a purpose and a desire to achieve with minimal effort.

This present moment, as any Buddhist will tell you, is all there is in the world, then we move on to the next moment without baggage.

It works for wellbeing and healing PTSD.

Comments, please share your experiences?

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