Gaining an advantage: Dissociation is the Lynchpin!

Dissociation is our biggest demon, staying present, letting go, being focused is our best defense, offense.

Dissociation fuels PTSD, the longer we spend in the past ruminating or in the future worrying, the more it powers up. Simple concept.

Our fight or flight mechanism firing reinforces the myth of trauma having real power.

We give PTSD its power by our judgments about the danger we feel.


It feels like PTSD is powerful, physically and emotionally, we exhibit fear and anxiety at these high levels.

I had to accept being vulnerable, it was the only road open for healing.

Ptsd is a bluff, no harm is caused when our fight or flight mechanism fires, our nervous system returns to normal in 15 or 20 minutes.

We battle to accept, then surrender to that which we fear the most.

That does not sound easy and is not accomplished in a week or month.

We have to learn to sit quietly, in the middle of our anxiety and fear.

Ptsd is a mirage, specifically stored trauma poses no real danger to us.

Triggers fire but calm quickly, our thoughts and judgments fuel our fear.

No real fear exists.

After a trigger fires, we avoid, deny or run like hell, we think physical danger is near, however, nothing damaging happens.

We return to normal, unharmed but ready to run again and again.

It defies logic but PTSD is irrational by definition.

Takes daily practice, repeated attempts at staying present, failing over and over until PTSD loses some power.

Each day we become a little more familiar with our fight or flight mechanism, the patterns of thought, and anxiety.

Ptsd has access to the switch powering the fight or flight mechanism.

We can unplug this mechanism from PTSD.

Life changes when our fears calm around triggers.

We observe our trauma thoughts and emotions, feel the body sensations attached to that thought.

There is no replacement for ardent preparation and intense dedication followed by courage and persistence.

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    It comes from books and therapy and doing the work

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  10. The rollercoaster of life Ptsd makes my prose interesting I hope

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