Let’s discuss Love and Betrayal!

What does a loyal mate look like, act like?




Do words convince you, promises, or certain actions that you are love?

How do you know when you love someone?

Does loving someone mean we trust them intimately?

Do you think about betrayal, evaluate how much you trust?


What happens to love when he/she betrays you?


Is that love gone now, is it damaged, wounded, or what is the status?

Do you ever trust again?

How much fear surrounds your love, the thought of love?

How do we evaluate our next mate?

Will we trust them unconditionally?

Is it an equation of risk, love versus the chance of betrayal?

How rare is real love?

Why are the divorce rates so high?

How many times has marriage or love failed in your life?

It is a battlefield.


8 responses to this post.

  1. All very difficult questions to answer.

  2. Love and betrayal are part of our difficulties

    What conclusions have you come to?

  3. I think you can never be 100% sure. You look for congruence in that person, see how they relate in as many different situations as possible, look at how well they form attachments bonds … but nothing is fail safe.

  4. Oh but I want the risk of betrayal near zero

  5. I think we all want that!!!

  6. 😎

    I know

    But you know once you are betrayed things r never the same

    Until I was betrayed my thoughts never went there

    After betrayal that was my main fear

    A relationship is not worth being betrayed for me

    So I do not commit

  7. I can understand that.

  8. It is not a.good.solution

    But the safest for.me

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