Time Zones related to being Happy


Happiness exists in only one time zone, this present moment, now.

Happiness does not exist in the past or future.

That means staying present, being acutely aware of our surroundings without judgment is the goal.

Matthew Ricard in his book, “Happiness” disseminates great wisdom.

“Authentic happiness is not linked to an activity;

it is a state of being,

a profound emotional balance struck by a subtle understanding of how the mind functions.

While ordinary pleasures are produced by contact with pleasant objects and end when that contact is broken,

sukha (happiness) —lasting well-being—is felt so long as we remain in harmony with our inner nature.

One intrinsic aspect of it is selflessness, which radiates from within rather than focusing on the self.

One who is at peace with herself will contribute spontaneously to establishing peace within her family, her neighborhood, and, circumstances permitting, society at large.

In brief, there is no direct relationship between pleasure and happiness.

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