Therapy and Therapists: Questions to Ask?

Make sure you choose the correct couch for your needs.

Picking a therapist: Does your therapist have multiple therapies to heal trauma or only one approach?

Ask if his/her patients heal? We want results, many therapists heal very few and childhood abuse takes a talented therapist. Know that.

Ask if this therapist will care deeply about your healing? Is he/she invested in you getting better?

Do you give out homework, things to perfect, like letting go or staying present between sessions? I want a demanding and energetic therapist, one who, pushes and is supportive.

It is a partnership, we need to trust our therapist.

Do you use mindfulness as part of therapy?

What degree of urgency does this therapist hold inside?

I want to heal as quickly as possible and am willing to do the work.

You can eliminate about half of all therapists if this is your goal.

You are interviewing the therapist, not the other way around.

Make them earn your respect with wisdom and action.

Be able to leave, fire a therapist who is not compatible or lacks the skill we need.

Realize you need to be compatible and trust this person with your most vulnerable thoughts and feelings.

Know your therapist will not heal you, you will heal you with your actions when not in session.

It is our responsibility to navigate and find a good therapist.

Then it is our responsibility to do the daily work.

It took me not succeeding with many therapies before I stumbled onto ACT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a mindfulness-based hybrid of CBT (cognitive Behavioral Therapy).

There will be setbacks, realize healing is incremental, no straight line graph, triggers will explode and we will learn to diffuse them in due time.

Last, never give up, never; have a plan, a set of tools to fight for your sanity.

This is a war, realize that and take the battle to your trauma.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Anonymous on February 24, 2022 at 2:32 am

    “Your therapist will not heal you” stood out for it’s raw truth. When beginning this journey I thought differently. My therapist was my life line, my savior thru the troubled waters. Then, abruptly, without discussion, she fired me. C-PTSD doesn’t fit neatly into a healing box. She was at a loss. Now I’ve created my own healing program. It includes a therapist but is much more inclusive of other modalities and literature. Sometimes I wonder, “ what’s the point?” But here I am plugging away like the little engine that could.

  2. You have gained wisdom

    We have to explore our inner world

    How could anyone else enter that space

    Like the Shawshank redemption

    There is a place inside our head no one keep in a prison or own or control

    That’s where we journey too

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