PTSD: Changing Paradigms and Ego’s


“Shit happens”……….quote by Forrest Gump.

PTSD shit happens too!

It’s old shit! Past movements so to speak, sarcastically.

Ptsd wants you to never escape your Past Shit!

Our Ego reflects the damage of child abuse, it’s called Complex PTSD.

Ptsd is not an in-the-moment disorder, it’s all about a past trauma, old thoughts, frozen in memories.

Trauma is stored in the right amygdala, unreachable consciously. That is why PTSD runs when and where he chooses to haunt us.

The past is biased, judgmental, highly opinionated, and extraordinarily inaccurate.

Give up the beliefs that no longer serve us.

Such a great concept, a beast to apply.

A loss may actually be a success, we do not understand.

If my judgments of past events impact me right now, I need to give up this unneeded suffering.

Old bias or judgments are ephemeral, transparent, and fleeting. Not real.

My ego is the most impacted by PTSD, think about that.

He is an invented character for identity, why is a mirage connected to a mental disorder.

Our Ego is us, we think.

We construct our ego from external treatment and internal judgments.

Biggest contributors are original caregivers, then friends, followed by how strangers or the world treats us.

We form an Ego based on all these sources combined with how we see ourself.

Abused kids Ego’s are damaged, have parts that feel unworthy, flawed and broken.

That “I” we created needs fixing.

Changing the Ego is an essential part of healing.


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