More than one way to battle PTSD.

Most conventional psychiatric wisdom recommends antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs, and some form of therapy to integrate trauma memories (PTSD) to the present moment.

Anxiety drugs are short-term fixes that lose strength the more we use them. Short-term drugs like opioids and anti-anxiety meds fail when applied to chronic conditions.

My chronic pain got worse over time using opioids, the drug itself brought more pain in the end. I would classify PTSD and anxiety as chronic conditions.

How long have you been anxious or dealt with PTSD? Yeah, maybe a lifetime so far, a chronic condition.

It is a tenuous existence depending on a pill to navigate going out, trying to handle high anxiety.

If our fight or flight mechanism fires, we are in trouble when a drug is our only protection.

Antidepressants numb us to blunt Ptsd’s power.

Some of the current therapies have incorporated mindfulness as part of their healing path.

Meditation/Mindfulness has been my best skill or tool on this journey.

Therapies have helped me improve but the remnants of Ptsd cause pain and suffering.

Meditation has helped me apply the therapists instructions, allowed me to sit in the middle of my fight or flight mechanism exploding in a calm, confident manner.

Currently, I am reclaiming the energy stolen from abuse and trauma.

It is that energy that brings an old trauma to life, breathing power into its narrative, giving sustenance to damaging thoughts and beliefs.

Using my breath, each time a trauma thought reaches consciousness, my inhale extracts my energy from the middle of that event.

Being a meditator, strengthening my focus every day, I can reclaim the energy from my trauma.

We are not thinking, or handling our trauma, with my inhale I am vacuuming up the energy left behind.

Energy travels easily between entities, my trauma and me, no resistance, no battle, no thought, no emotions.

It is a blessing, I hope it lasts.

No energy means no thought, no movie playing, no haunting.

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