Reclaiming our energy from traumas grasp

Jennifer from the online kundalini group instructed us to reclaim our energy from old memories, trauma for us.

She went on to say, unplug that circuit of giving energy to a past event, stop honoring old beliefs that no longer serve us.

I imagined my inhales were retrieving my energy back into my body. In a cartoon sketch, I would be a powerful vacuum cleaner, reclaiming my sanity(peace of mind).

This exercise surprised me, it felt soothing and powerful to reclaim my energy (power).

Every time that past trauma wanted attention and energy yesterday I refused, reclaiming my old energy wasted on PTSD.

Thinking about it, energy is a neutral thing, it powers the good, bad and neutral without judgment.

Energy has less resistance moving between entities or being called back.

I find little to no resistance reclaiming my energy.

It stops the intrusive thoughts, cold.


I keep searching for the cracks in my PTSD, the weak parts I can attack and heal.

That’s why we never give up.

Healing has taken a supreme effort physically and emotionally for me, with many ups and downs, wins, and losses along the way.

Search for the cracks and attack.

6 responses to this post.

  1. Trying to forgive, or working through grief or trying to integrate drama has great resistance for me.

    Taking back energy has no resistance
    No cognitive piece
    No emotional,piece

    Energy is neutral and flows between entities freely

    There are more than one way to kill ptsd

    I need not integrate or battle trauma memories, I can starve them of energy and they die

    Find the crack in your PTSD

    Exploit it and improve

  2. Thank you for sharing such an honest account. It is real tough, no fault but you are doing great 👍

  3. Thanks

  4. I have one of my favorite quotes tattooed on my arm:

    I let go of that which has served its purpose and accept the new without fear. ✨

  5. Wow

    I salute u

    I feel the pain u triumph over

    Thank you for sharing

  6. Thank you. 🙏🏼

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