Ptsd: prepare for the crisis

Prepare, practice skills for crisis times, for triggers exploding, for deep depression.

My tool kit contains A decade-plus of meditation practice, focus skills, and breathing techniques.

Ability to step back and realize, things have gone haywire in the past but we are still here, intact, not damaged.

Do not panic, oh yes, it is the worst ever, oh I have said that many times.

Like driving a car, I can put it in neutral, play defense, make no decisions, park.

Know you can outlast the lows, resilience, stubbornness, and anger can be great tools for energy.

Exercise: When my mind is fried, frozen, my legs and lungs can not be stopped or even slowed down. For me, aerobic exercise, strenuous uphill hiking for this old man, solves many issues.

The challenge of pushing thru pain, laziness, or depression is exhilarating, the flushing of poisons is a bonus, the physical achievement is shared with the mind.

I told myself, PTSD could not stop my legs from moving.

We need things that PTSD or depression can not touch or stop.

Use your strengths to heal. I am a jock, I go hiking, follow your power. If poetry was my strength, that would be my battlefield.

What you do best is most resistant to PTSD, possesses your greatest strength, life force.

Knowing yourself, awareness of reality versus traumatic memories can take some of the stings out of the distortions.

Laugh, have a sarcastic, gallows sense of humor.

It takes leather balls to play Rugby!



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