Anger versus Fear: Ekman and the DALAI LAMA

Ekman: “The most dramatic difference in the sensations is anger versus fear.



In anger, blood goes to your hands.

It is preparing you to hit.

In fear, it goes to the large muscles in your legs.

DALAI LAMA: So, preparing to run.

EKMAN: Yes, right. That does not mean you will run, or that you will hit. But evolution has prepared you in this way. And you can learn to be sensitive to the difference in how your body feels when you are afraid as compared to angry.

DALAI LAMA: But you can kick someone.

EKMAN: (Laughs.) You could kick someone, instead of running. Absolutely. But it is more likely that you will run. The reason why these differences were conserved is because those people who ran were more likely to survive—

DALAI LAMA: (Translated.) So it clearly demonstrates that it is really part of the mechanism for survival.

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  1. Wow, another tool to help me figure out what I am feeling. Thank you!

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