The Hearts role in healing

My Ptsd life makes no sense cognitively, emotionally, or biologically with a mind wired differently and a nervous system all hyped up.

The more I think the worse I get!

The other piece is the spiritual, opening the heart.

I strive to open my heart, to unburden the weight of trauma that holds down many positive emotions, compassion, desire, gratitude, worthiness, trust, etc.

Trauma closed my heart down in childhood, I have no experience of what an open heart feels like.

I have been actively trying to open my heart.

An open heart must be connected to being able to trust, take risks, be vulnerable voluntarily.

Have you thought about the role your heart plays in the PTSD journey?

I know thinking damages my life, fuels my PTSD.

If I think my PTSD and depression get worse.

How do you open your heart, please share?

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  1. Posted by rudid96 on January 30, 2022 at 6:01 pm

    “How do you open your heart?” is a terrific question. I experience your blog as more than a record of your personal journey. It’s been educational in learning and understanding trauma, PTSD, C-PTSD, connecting to others that understand trauma, and on occasion, as in this last question, stimulating the part of PTSD that’s short-circuited living fully.
    Your question has been something I’ve been stymied for a long time. Trauma seems to have erased the ability for authentic self-love and remaining open-hearted to others. My trauma is always on alert, ready to protect. Recently I joined a group led by a well-respected therapist. A journal prompt asked participants to ponder “what would life have been w/o…?” Many said this was incredibly painful. Personally, when I dip a toe into this cesspool, dissociation and depression are not far behind. When the actual traumatic events conclude, one learns to move on. The conundrum for those with PTSD is that open-hearted living triggers fight, flight, fear, & fawn. Finding the answer to this question is my holy grail.

  2. If you have not been seriously abused as a kid you have no idea what we face

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