Use the creative side of the brain to heal

The cognitive side of the brain wants to handle complex things, accelerate to hyper speed, even multi-task at times.


Ptsd and depression power up using thoughts, thinking, ruminating, and anxiety.

Meditation/Mindfulness slows the mind down, focuses on the breath, allows the body to go at warp speed as the mind empties of thought.

Thought drives the cognitive side, always running, always creating more and more thoughts.

Solving the world’s most complex problem, like Einstein inventing E= mc2 does not necessarily lead to a happy life.

Thoughts and happiness can be estranged concepts.

I am happiest when thought has ceased and simple clarity reigns, the sight of a flower, the special fragrance brings a smile.

Our thoughts and memories are the problems for PTSD sufferers.

Ptsd memories trap us in our past, thoughts are the vehicle of remembrance, triggers are the physiological consequence.

I am happiest while existing in this present moment, free of thought, worry, doubt and fear.

Thinking can change this instantly.

It’s a razor’s edge when our Ptsd is active.

Thinking is a small part of our mind’s capability.

The creative right hemisphere is expansive, thought is feeble compared to this almost infinite space.

The cognitive side of the brain is a beach ball, the right creative hemisphere is the pacific ocean.

Remember trauma is stored in the amygdala on the right side of the brain.

We can not access the right hemisphere consciously, herein lies the rub.


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  1. Yes… Although we have a desire to understand, ultimately, understanding and knowledge don’t actually free us. We need to access the other side of the brain.

  2. We think to much

  3. Posted by rudid96 on January 22, 2022 at 6:32 pm

    Mindful Marty, the statement “I am happiest while existing in this present moment, free of thought, worry, doubt, and fear.” also is my experience. Recently. my Coach asked me to recall the image of myself as a child. This opened up a flood of despair, anxiety, & shame. I’ve no pictures of myself in my home. Finding a more peaceful ground is only in the present.

  4. This is why I began taking dance class again. It’s the best feeling when I’m there. It’s a place of freedom, peace, safety, and happiness for me. It’s a gift to be able to do it.

  5. Excellent

    The creative expression

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