Depression for Dummies

. Smile, greet people with a little enthusiasm, say you feeling great, depression can hide in that smokescreen.



Learn to sit in the middle of your depression, observe the feelings without assigning emotions.

Long-term Depression matures, it stabilizes, then builds resistance and strength with duration.

Realize PTSD and depression are two separate animals.

PTSD brings fear, intense anxiety from stored abuse, it is a highly active disorder with volatile energy.

Depression is the opposite, it rarely brings high energy or fires our fight it flight mechanism.

It lacks energy and drive, depression sucks the life out of us while PTSD scares the shit out of us.

Ptsd is comorbid with depression, they go hand and hand, but are completely different disorders.

It’s like a game of ping pong when both are active.

I would much rather deal with Ptsd symptoms than depression.

If you watch older soldiers or homicide detectives, many have an event, a crime scene they will never forget.

It is emblazoned in their psychic, the best efforts to bury this trauma fail hopelessly.

You can not unring a bell. How many hours have been spent trying to change an event, change our behavior, our response, our thought process?

I have an event in my life long-buried, that has surfaced.

It is emblazoned inside, carries intense shame, as it runs like a movie on its own.

I feel trapped, unable to escape, my PTSD skills do little to heal it.

Ten years of therapy, meditation, and daily practice have improved my PTSD, my depression resists.

It is tied to an event that haunts me, mine is different than a sadistic murder or the savagery of war, but it carries the same fear and damage.

Ptsd brings such intense energy, fight or flight mechanism firing, high levels of anxiety.

Depression sucks the energy out of us.

Depression can save lots of money, we do not want to do anything or go anywhere.

I hide whether it is ptsd or depression.

One you avoid at all, costs, the other you seem to lose the ability to resist. . .

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  1. Posted by rudid96 on January 8, 2022 at 5:20 pm

    The correlation and distinction between PTSD and depression are helpful. When in the slump, it’s very difficult to parse out. I’ve now joined the ranks of people testing Positive for COVID. Strange how the enforced quarantine and illness really highlight both tongs of this fork. Are we taught to hide both of these when in public? I’ve caught myself 2-3 times now forcing a cheery tone and grasping for energy when needing to engage on the phone. I didn’t even mention I was sick with COVID. This pretending to be ‘fine’ permeates so many victims of trauma.

  2. Rudid. Greetings

    It is better to fake normal, than attract criticism or contempt

    People do not understand us

    I have enough to deal with so pretending prevents more judgment from others

    Sharing my stuff has never worked out

    Share your trauma and your thoughts with your friends and you will not have to exert effort to isolate

    They will isolate you

  3. When I hike and pass the regulars, I am cheerful and an extrovert at times

    With a few I enjoy the banter

    My radar does not go off immediately with a few

    It’s a degree of trust I guess

    How far do you try to expand an acquaintance

    When does that relationship bring worry into your life?

  4. This is such a helpful post (and I love the title!) But I also feel for you. It’s hard enough dealing with one of those conditions …. Dealing with 2 must very draining.

  5. Thank you.

    Hopefully this helps others

  6. Funny thing about this is there is a guy at work who suffers from PTSD, and while I suffer from depression, yet we end up commiserating a lot on the same things.

    Same doctor issues, same physical and mental, same struggles, same damn near everything. Yet, our issues are so far a part. His is from being Special Forces in the last wars, me from simply being a neglected and abused kid.

    Misery loves company I suppose, no matter which type of misery it may be. Love the post!

  7. What is similar is the abuse is over periods of time

    Both special forces and neglected in childhood can be considered Complex PTSD

    Our specifics are different, our symptoms are very similar

    Depression is comorbid with PTSD

    That means he you have PTSD you will be depeessed also.

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