. . Knowing things does not always translate into healing



Knowing things does not always translate into healing Takes action and our inner world recognizes the effort.

My opinion: I have a PTSD ego, an ego that is a survivor, wounded but able to achieve, and my true self.

My PTSD ego had to be twice as good as everyone else, my dad demanded.

This ego has endured and suffered some ugly shit, a dark soul.

Unworthy, not good enough will be on his headstone.

This mini-me will not accept or forgive the damage done.

Lately, while meditating, that safe, calm feeling returned.

How do I describe this: it could be I am closer to my true self or another ego that does not have to be anything special is emerging.

To feel that inner peace once again was wonderful.

I get lost, angry, depressed, and helpless for periods.

Giving up is not an option, when hopelessness arrives.

Our trauma has cracks, we need to observe, then exploit these vulnerabilities.

What a crooked path we travel.



8 responses to this post.

  1. So true. Knowledge is not enough when it comes to dealing with PTSD.

  2. I always never notice improvement until much later

    It takes massive effort for subtle gains

  3. Thank you don’t lose hope

  4. The road to how human body manages translates itself as subconscious mind is actually derailed from within itself..

    Subconscious mind which naturally was supposed to maintain control of body from within itself my friend.. 🙃🙂😉🙏💙

  5. Please elaborate

    I am a little confused

    Subconscious control.

    Tell me more

  6. When we allow unnatural activity within gut itself this intoxicates subconscious mind itself we disengage conscious mind subconsciously unknowingly..

  7. My daughter has much more knowledge in this subject

    But diet and gut are important

    Thanks for your input

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