Holiday gatherings may not mix with our PTSD


Childhood abuse makes Holidays a minefield for many. Our abuser may be part of the gathering.

Some families exert great pressure on an abused member to show up, making the family look functional and loving.

Resist the guilt trip and make your safety number one.

PTSD needs to override any family manipulation.

If sexual assault is part of your childhood abuse, you are never required to be in the same room with an abuser. Never, ever.

The family’s job is to protect you and chastise the abuser or exclude them.

Your safety and wellbeing are number one, others can try to make an abusive family look respectable.

Awareness becomes our utmost skill around the holidays.

Limit the time the mind meanders or ruminates, mining for destructive thought is not productive.

Review the gratitude you have earned on this healing journey.

We will be fine and safe with our decisions around family this year.

Establish boundaries, manipulation is outlawed, let them know that if you decide to participate.



5 responses to this post.

  1. Today is a rough one for me for these reasons. I hope today isn’t a bad day for you 💙

  2. Thank you

    I am fine

  3. Have an escape plan

    Hopefully you have support around you

  4. So tough at this time of year … especially when we expose ourselves to the marketing and social media.
    Be true. Trust. Breathe. And let go. It’s a day to get out of our own skin an send love to others. They need pit too 😍

  5. Thanks Val

    Love to all

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