Ptsd is the dummy

Walter the Y2K Expert and Jeff Dunham on December 21, 1999


Ptsd is a separate entity from that normal guy (regular me) trying to recover these damaged parts.

The ptsd me (the dummy), has lived in control of the ship many more years than the normal (unabused) part of me.

That dummy symbolizes our Ego, that created self, mine was formed under violent threat.

The only place that ego can not go is the right hemisphere of my mind.

That side has no knowledge of the past or future, he lives in this moment entirely.

In my ventriloquist life that dummy has harbored pain and suffering.

We have a split personality, or like DID (dissociative identity disorder, multiples) with only one alter, that ptsd dummy.

Not many understand our challenges.



Ventriloquist The Great Lesterwith Frank Byron, Jr. on his knee, c. 1904



2 responses to this post.

  1. I LOVE Jeff Dunham. So I can’t help but relate to the analogy…very true.

  2. He is great

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