I do not like being touched




I do not like being touched.

My only touch in childhood was a paddle, there were no warm and fuzzy attachments.

My mind is hardwired to defend, to protect not attach, or trust.

I have no memory of desiring to be hugged.

How did I miss out?



5 responses to this post.

  1. It takes a kind warm loving heart to teach us our value and the value of a hug.
    Recent research shows that hard wires can be changed with time and patience. New experiences can overwrite and replace old experiences.

  2. My mother really hates being touched. She pulls back in shock if you go anywhere near her!!!

  3. I do not know what a loving touch feels like

    I have no desire to be touched by people

    I am not normal

  4. All my friends were “huggers” growing up. I never understood it, how it was so normal. I hate being touched, but it’s also something I crave.

  5. Crave but hate,

    That’s sounds like PTSD

    I should crave love but how could I even risk or trust

    No way I could not worry about betrayal now

    How could it work out

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