Is Surviving always the best outcome?


Is Surviving always the best outcome?

I have been through worker’s compensation and SSDI debacles for six years, visiting hospitals, doctors, evaluators, federal judges, and lawyers.

Many times in the hospital wing for spinal injuries, I witnessed lives that would be better served if they did not survive.

It is easy for those who have not suffered a serious spinal injury to value life in some romantic way.

How much suffering is to much?

At what point does it cross that line?

Many severely abused kids have a life of misery ahead of them, jail, injury, cancer, mental disorders, addictions, alcoholism, prostitution, etc.

How about them?

What advice would you give them?

A hard question for me after the toll childhood abuse has taken on my life.



2 responses to this post.

  1. I’ve asked myself this question many times. Wondering if there actually was a point where it did cross that line and become too much…

  2. Yeah, I write this to share all sides of our day

    We think of these things along our journey

    It’s hard for me to make sense of my life, my purpose, my suffering

    It’s makes no sense to me

    Not that making sense to me matters

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