Let’s look at Suffering



From “Making Sense out of Suffering”

Yet people are hurting far more psychologically and spiritually today than ever before.

Suicides are up.

Depression is up.

Mindless violence is up.

Boredom is up. (In fact, the very word boredom does not exist in any premodern language!)

Loneliness is up.

Drug escapism is up.

But the barbarians are no longer at the gates.

The Huns and the Norsemen have long gone.

What are we escaping from?

Why can’t we stand to be alone with ourselves?

Solitude, the thing which ancient sages longed for as the greatest gift, is the very thing we give to our most desperate criminals as the greatest punishment we can imagine.

Why have we destroyed silence in our lives?

We are escaping from ourselves (or trying to, since yourself is the one thing other than God that you can never escape from) because we all hurt, deep down.

Usually it is not an unusual, spectacular, tragic kind of hurt but a general greyness that settles like dust over our lives, a drabness, a dullness, a dreariness, an ugliness, an ordinariness of everything.

We go around like robots, obedient to our social programming, never raising the great questions.

Our very passions are sleepy.

We stumble into bed obedient to sexy advertisements, and out of bed obedient to alarm clocks.

We have almost no reason to get out of bed and almost any reason to get in.



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  1. WOW! This is so sad and so deep, and very true

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