Realtors make a difference in Eugene

Girl Scout volunteers including my granddaughter at the old house.


A realtor husband and wife with the help of other realtors in the company purchased this old 9 apartment house near the University of Oregon. An adult resident from will live in one of the apartments. (Incredible organization)

Unlike our billionaires throwing millions away for a ten-minute jolly ride, these people did this for homeless teenagers.

One homeless teenage girl living in a tent with a baby is moving in Monday.

This has to bring emotion out, what a gift these people have created.

In a world of such greed, it is refreshing to see such compassion for others.


What a great lesson for the Girl Scouts. Teach your kids to give and care about those less fortunate.

I find this giving to be special. While others buy expensive toys, boats, cars, jewelry, etc., these people give back in a personal way. Not a check to a charity, a tangible gift.

I hope it will inspire others to give back.

It is part of happiness.



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  1. The world could use more people like this. So caring and thoughtful.

  2. Thank you

    This post received very few likes

  3. Maybe people haven’t read it yet. It’s only 5am where I am. I’m sure once they do there will be many likes. At least I hope so. 🙂

  4. Second day for this post

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