A long time follower brings a healing story


“Dear Marty,

I am really pleased to send you this message today for so many reasons !

I would like to say that i have been a reader of your blog for many years and it brought to me a huge fresh air in term of approach and in term of understanding what Complex PTSD does really mean concretely and what it entails practically to heal it !

I am so grateful to you Marty for bringing such synthetic information and extensive experience to humanity via internet ! Thank you so much for the help you provide me and I assume for many others as well !

I am writing you from France, I am 51 and my experience of the CPTSD started 12 years ago just after a surgery.

In France, PTSD and furthermore CPTSD was quite unknown from “official” medical authorities and the ways to heal is part of unthought matters.

Therefore, It has been a very hard path up to your site, then to meditation, further Vajrayana buddhism and now thankfully what i consider as a real course of healing of my cptsd.

At this point of my experience, I really would like to propose to readers in french a site inspired from yours so that I could give back to the others a bit of what I received from all the individuals who helped me through out the path, including you !



My site is https://www.ptsd-ensortir.com/soigner-le-sspt-au-quotidien-en-lien-avec-marty/



I wish you all the best on your healing path.

Take care




My two cents: Thank you for your gratitude but thank you more for being a light for others.

I do believe your wanting to give back on a blog is a great sign of healing or wellbeing.

Followers of this blog may want to check out your blog as a resource, I know I will join.

Easy to translate a language with an app.

Good luck.

My goal writing this blog is contained in Sylvain’s response.

This blog is for support and encouraging daily action.

Makes me smile when someone comes forward who has been silently following and practicing.



4 responses to this post.

  1. I am interested in reading about her path and how she navigated trauma.

    Some blogs bring knowledge, experience and skills to ptsd sufferers

    Writing a blog, you hope your sharing has an impact.

    I want people to take action, develop skills and never give up in the down times.

    This is a success for her and me and the blog.

    Pay it forward

  2. Posted by Sangye Menla on October 29, 2021 at 3:05 pm

    Reblogged this on PTSD en sortir.

  3. You have brought me joy today with your gratitude

  4. Posted by Sangye Menla on October 29, 2021 at 4:57 pm

    Thank you so much for your openness and kindness. I also connected to my joy once I have read your today’s post. Here is the right link to my manual reblogged post.https://www.ptsd-ensortir.com/soigner-le-sspt-au-quotidien-en-lien-avec-marty/

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