reciprocal inhibition


Buddha’s Brain:

“Some parts of the brain are linked by reciprocal inhibition: when one part activates, it suppresses another one.

To some extent, the left and right hemispheres have this relationship; thus, when you stimulate the right hemisphere by engaging the activities it specializes in, the verbal centers of the left hemisphere are effectively shushed.

The right, visual-spatial hemisphere has the greater responsibility for representing the state of your body, so awareness of the body can help suppress left-brain verbal chatter.

“Right hemisphere activation increases further when you sense the body as a whole, which draws upon the global, gestalt processing of that hemisphere.”



My two cents: In my opinion, Ptsd thrives on the left side, the cognitive, thinking side of the brain. Dissociation, leaving this moment to think about the past or future, is the strongest symptom of PTSD.

Thinking fuels trauma and ignites the other symptoms.

The right hemisphere has no words or thoughts, good or bad, right or wrong.

The right hemisphere only knows this present moment.

I meditate to grow my connection with my right hemisphere, my creative side.

Thinking is a minuscule thing the mind does, the expansive side is the Pacific Ocean, the left side, a beach ball.

So if we calm the thinking, the reciprocal right hemisphere will be engaged.

The reciprocal inhibition applies to emotions. Next time your angry try switching to feeling happy.

Anger turns that happy circuit off, and vice versa.



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  1. What a great quote!

  2. I agree, anger is destructive and has so many negative side effects. Forgiveness is an important element in curbing anger. Not just for big issues like abuse but even in small issues that amount to annoyances. Angry people are unhappy people and I agree we have a choice. We can choose to let go of anger and live in peace. I choose peace. It is not always an easy road to walk but practice does make it easier.

  3. Wellbeing has many thorns on the journey

  4. Would you be offended if I said I was praying for you? I feel the depth of your pain and I just feel like I should be praying for you. Intuition in the quiet places.

  5. Not offended

    Thank you

  6. Thank you for sharing these quotes and your perspective. I agree with you, and myself have been working on building up my connection to my right hemisphere. Creativity and living in the moment do seem to be a big part of it. Re learning how to live is such a huge task!

  7. Intuition
    The spiritual part of us is where healing will occur

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