My mind is the Issue……..he runs on his own at times



Mood swings, intense emotions, and social anxiety are how PTSD manifests itself.

Depression has extinguished desire, or desire has extinguished depression.

Apathy has resulted in a lack of self-care.

I do not recognize myself.

My daughter says the force of nature she has known me to be is gone.

I hate the mood swings, but my mind continues to switch, dramatically at times.

It takes energy and time to unplug these disruptive moods.

Is your mind out of control at times?

These mood swings and thoughts come out from either of the minds, 60,000 thoughts a day neuroscientists tell us to cross our path.

That’s what a normal mind endures, a mind abused in childhood is dominated by intense, dangerous thoughts.

Most people do not connect the consequences on our life.

Most of our time is spent handling trauma, mood swings, avoiding, navigating around triggers, or keeping busy with distractions.

Social anxiety is an acute form of avoidance, add quarantine, masks, and six-foot distance required and I am a mess.

My inability to feel safe around people or trust them explains how my childhood abuse manifests itself.

I fight to stay present, absent of any mood, letting go of any trauma-related behavior.

PTSD runs without my input, intrusive thoughts arrive, rapid-fire like a Gatling gun taking aim.

It’s like our mind has something sinister running it.

Others do not have this burden to carry.

It’s not cancer, or blindness, etc. it’s invisible to everyone.

A dilemma for us.



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