Do not focus on limitations, find a small specific goal to relentlessly pursue.


PTSD confuses the mind it inhabits with symptoms that prepare him/her for an imminent threat. This scenario is part of survival mode, a highly charged emotional state of danger, followed by an avoidance, a denial, or a numbing freeze state of existence.

All this is complex and overpowering for any mind to handle.

Those who strive to improve know the limitations childhood abuse places on their lives.

Out of this complex crisis, we need to find simple, bulletproof ways to battle trauma.

Our rules to improve: Forget about limitations, forget about judgments, forget about healing, focus on one small specific goal at a time.

My goal is to sense and move my PTSD energy around and out of my body.

Healing is not my goal, that is way too abstract and complex.

Our goal should be within reach, practical and specific.

Obtain a goal then move to the next challenge.

Never try to address more than one symptom at a time.

We are using a laser, pinpointing a small specific goal, not a shotgun approach.

Let go of all those judgments and predictions, stay focused in the moment with our goal as our bellwether.

Questions we search for: What is PTSD’s favorite emotion?

What is his favorite narrative?

What are his patterns?

Feel its energy flowing inside, sense its purpose, and roadmap.

Know thy enemy intimately, knowledge is power in this battle.

Know your PTSD micro-energy movements and behavior.

I have a one-word chant, a mantra to open my heart, solar plexus for me, a release word to say when trauma energy is present.

It is Yam, pronounced Yaam, a simple vibration to focus on opening and releasing my PTSD energy.

If nothing else it is something to focus on instead of the narrative.

Simple execution, practice the mantra during the day, then apply anytime we sense PTSD energy flowing.

Simplify the goal, use intense focus and awareness, practice daily with intent.

In my mind I relentlessly pursue my small, specific goal daily.

We need to see ourselves as warriors not victims, not helpless.

Good hunting!



3 responses to this post.

  1. Rudid96. You are a warrior
    You take daily action and never give up

    It your job to recognize your power and worth over the noise of abuse in your head

    You are a warrior fighting an invisible enemy

    Joining the fight itself has purpose and reward

    My narrative is that I am a battler

    If nothing else I give all my energy to improving

    Results are above my pay grade

    If I am still,fighting with a good attitude until I die

    I win

    I win

    So do you

  2. Posted by rudid96 on October 7, 2021 at 4:59 pm

    “Our goal should be within reach, practical and specific.”
    My Ptsd energy “there is no safe place”
    The energy lightening thru my body; the heart quickens, the breath shortens, electric shoots thru arms, legs
    I sit, I breathe, I count.
    I sit, I breathe, I listen
    I sit, I breathe
    I sit, I breathe, I turn my head right, I turn my head left
    I sit, I breathe, I name what I see
    I sit, I breathe, the electricity slows
    I sit, I breathe

  3. Let’s zoom

    I am good at the mechanical part of Ptsd

    I can help you with this energy

    This is more fight or flight
    More cortisol and adrenaline

    There is no fear inside the mechanism or drugs

    We bring our fest and think these drugs have an intent or intention

    It’s all abstract judgments

    No danger exists there rudid96

    How many times have you escaped a situation like this

    You return to our normal

    Why do we run and fear something that has proven powerless in the long run

    Email me

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