Sensing PTSD energy then moving it around


My meditation practice has benefitted me more than any therapy or intuitive I have undertaken. The therapies used my focus skills to practice and later apply.

I learned to explore my inner world, feel the body sensations, the tingling, the parts that seem hot and cold, the parts that hold fear.

Now, joining the Kundalini meditation group, we learn to sense energy inside us.

Not just the large jolts, but the mico sensations.

I follow the energy around my PTSD intrusive thoughts, the movement.

My main portal for sensations is located in my solar plexus.

I learned to explore my inner world, feel the body sensations, the tingling, the parts that seem hot and cold, the parts that hold fear.

Now, joining the Kundalini meditation group, we learn to sense energy inside us.

In due time, the medication group was encouraged to move that energy around.

Rudid96, I am attempting to move my PTSD energy up my spine and out the top of my head.

This has taken the sting out of certain triggers that haunted me.

One day my PTSD trigger, the narrative surrounding it looked and felt different.

While meditating, focused, sitting quietly, listening for the smallest sound in the room, I can feel these small pockets of energy.

Look how much the mind and body use electricity, movable energy, to function properly.

Looking at ptsd as energy portrays it in a colder, not so personal way, the ego is not as involved with energy.

Ptsd needs us to buy into the narrative of the victimized Ego to survive.

Without the thoughts having so much influence PTSD dies.

Focus on the energy, move it around, then try flushing it.

I can see envisioning a big toilet for my movement.

What end will PTSD leave your body?

I love sarcasm.



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  1. Posted by rudid96 on October 5, 2021 at 7:49 pm

    Hahaha, your humor is duly noted 🙂
    I’ve heard people mention Chakras but I didn’t know how they related in working with Ptsd. Today, I noticed a teeny movement in dealing with overwhelm. The conversations about Ego vs. Self has created a place for me to put some difficult feeling in this moment. Family is an ongoing source of trauma and sadness. However, today, though upsetting, I take comfort in separating my Ego reactivity holding my Self in care. I choose to soothe and treat with kindness that Self by being in out in nature & refocusing my attention with exercise.

  2. I feel better, the daily pounding of my college trigger has receded for now

    You are improving

    Do not judge what you think you need to be happy

    It will be wrong

    Fight to notice your energy

    Fight to move it around

    Know your ptsd energy

    What it feels like

    Are you afraid of it

    What is your relationship
    With your energy

    My solar plexus is the center of my soul

    If I can open this I will improve

    Very specific Rudid96

    Small specific goals

  3. Posted by rudid96 on October 5, 2021 at 9:55 pm

    Interesting. ATM, I’m at a loss here. Never before considered my PTSD energy. Truth be told, I think I’m afraid of it. I try to avoid it. You know, just thinking about thinking about it, scares me.

  4. It’s abstract, transparent

    Our thoughts carry the fear

    Energy is neutral

  5. We scare ourselves with egos help rudid96

  6. Posted by rudid96 on October 7, 2021 at 2:58 pm

    Reporting Back: Last evening there was the monthly collective meeting of volunteers. Prior to this, I attended only one meeting. It provoked intense anxiety & I slipped out early. Then the Pandemic happened & excuses weren’t necessary. Yesterday, the director told me “you’re not an ‘old fart'” and expected my attendance. Fortified with intention and the mantra “We scare ourselves with ego’s help” as well as a few words from my therapist, I drove there in tears but I attended & didn’t SH. Couldn’t get home fast enough and a lot of decompression was necessary.
    Does this get easier?

  7. Sometimes things go like that

    You having the courage to volunteer and then to take action in the midst of the ptsd mess

    Rudid96 now sit and focus, close your eyes

    Connect with the body sensations and emotions that happened before the meeting

    You did not have a chance at being calm during the meeting

    You were done way before you got in your car

    Look all that happened in your head without a bit of stimulus

    Your thoughts triggered you before you arrived

    Think of how abstract that is

    Nothing solid or real inside your head

    No danger when you were in your house

    Trace the origin of those thoughts

    Trace the power and how do you buy into this narrative

    Is the danger real?

    Were you harmed?

    Were the consequences permanent?

    Are you ok now besides wanting to know if it gets easier?

    I did this for five straight years

    It gets easier then it returns at times

    Rudid96 we will never be free of our journey but we can have great times in between

    You are more than half way there

    We scare ourself, the inner critic assumes our Egos role

    Our biggest crime

    An unattentended Mind

    When ptsd is highly active, I play defense until it breaks

    Other times I attend my mind, repeat mantras and use awareness to stay present.

    My ptsd thoughts fade when I am focused and calm

    Nothing is permanent for ptsd or life

    Your goal first is to get ready to go to a meeting with an empty mind

    No judgments before you enter

    Notice the ptsd energy

    Go back and notice your ptsd energy preparing to go to the meeting

    This is an opportunity to know your ego, your triggers and ptsd

  8. An opportunity not a loss

    An opportunity

    If you have the courage to go to meeting you will,progress if you pay attention to the energy it creates

    Maybe we can not heal,ptsd but we can manage the energy it creates Rudid96

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