Mindfulness: the opposite of the Ego



The ego grasps identity, selects strong emotions, needs approval, achievement, and a sense of superiority.

Mindfulness is about letting go, bringing perspective to desires.

The ego is rigid and narrow, mindful flexible, and expansive.

The ego is created, mindful just is.

The ego thrives in dissociation, mindful only knows this present moment.

The ego feels isolated, better or worse not equal, the mindful totally connected to one another and things.

The ego is like a prison, the mindful freedom, the universe.

The ego always needs, unfettered desire, the mindful, fulfilled with life exactly like it is.

The ego judges, the mindful accepts, observes.

The ego avoids, the mindful stays even when vulnerable.

The ego has goals, the mindful a journey.

The ego restricts growth, the mindful unlimited opportunity.


The ego feels unworthy, the mindful complete.

The ego races, the mindful enjoys, slows.

The ego affiliates with anger, hate, resentment, the mindful has perspective and balance when expressing emotions.

The ego is lonely, the mindful at peace.

The ego is sad, the mindful happy.

The ego never feels equal to another, the mindful lives in harmony.

The ego immerses itself in drama, the mindful stays calm.

The ego suffers, the mindful endure pain without suffering.



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  1. Posted by rudid96 on October 2, 2021 at 4:13 pm

    “Who am I when all the things that feed my Ego fall away?” I don’t know. What I DO know is I find smiles, I find continuous moments for appreciation and gratitude, I find quiet, I find peace.

  2. Easy

    That’s your soul, your true self, the permanent part of you


    The true self is the power

    The true self needs nothing to exist

    The ego needs true self for its existence

    The ego will always be with us

    Long time meditating monks operate with far less ego and thought than the rest of us

    Thoughts and emotions are not a shiny object anymore

    Their minds let that crap go easily by now

  3. Ok an example Rudid96

    Way out in the wilderness

    Deep in the woods

    We wander on a large Kodak bear

    Do I announce

    Hey I am Marty
    I have ptsd

    We kind of lose some ego out in nature alone

    Watch Jeremiah Johnson

    A group of men found him

    He said their words were to fast

    He had not spoken English in years

    Our ego wants to shine, be relevant, important

    I am guilty

    My ego will use my accomplishments to impress when I feel the need

    It’s been decades since I played pro ball but I mention it


    Dissociation is the freeway to the ego

  4. Posted by rudid96 on October 3, 2021 at 3:03 pm

    Is the Ego all ‘bad’? Is it the repository of false thoughts, feelings, & actions? Or, does it hold some value? I was wondering if all those thoughts were a form of energy gone awry? In the grand scheme of life, even coach roaches hold some value.

  5. My fault for not laying out the landscape

    I will write a post in the Ego

    The Ego was created for identity.

    Marty allows me to get mail, have a driver’s license, able to order things, obtain loans, run for office, etc.

    Our Egos were created with flaws from our abuse

    So certain parts of our Ego have negative emotions and unworthy thoughts.

    Our identity was damaged in childhood so we know no different than dysfunction and unworthiness

    Our Egos grew up not trusting and the lack of trust and belonging became a pattern in our lives.

    The Ego is only for identity,

    It was never imagined as our power source

    Our true self is the captain of our ship

    We can take a few focused breaths, step back and observe the ego

    We are the Shepard the Ego is the sheep

    The true self knows what is good and healthy for us, the ego has no way of knowing intrusive thoughts and firing of the fight or flight mechanism harms us, or he would refrain

    Look at the suffering our egos hold onto.

    I work to change my ego every day

    In the meantime, I have the skill to focus and breathe, the ability to step back and see if my true self agrees with my Ego’s path.

    I refute anger, fear, jealousy, resentment, rage, and guilt.

    Worry and doubt are also denied an audience

    My ego is supposed to serve me

    Not the other way around

    Use your ego for identity
    For the good. Life

    Then come back to now

    That ego is never equal to another ego

    So turmoil is part of what the ego brings to us

    Power corrupts
    Absolute power
    Corrupts absolutely

    This is all ego

  6. Posted by rudid96 on October 4, 2021 at 2:01 pm

    I read this several times. Not because the words are confusing but because I’m trying to envision my day without being Ego driven. When I spend time quietly, in solitary meditation, I can feel the qualities of Self. Today is my designated day to spend a few hours volunteering. I’m trying to mind-map remaining in Self when out, among people. This is much more challenging. My body is already reactive. Thank goodness you introduced readers to the power of following the breath.

  7. Good questions

    Purpose helps Rudid96

    You are volunteering

    Giving without need for reward called loving kindness

    Feel your energy going to others when you volunteer

    Giving is part of healing let the spotlight focus on them

    You are helping

    Most are more than grateful

    You have had the courage to face people to help

    That is a great healing practice

    You have power and can take action

    That is a big win a big loss for PTSD

    Action is winning

    Letting go is winning

    Following the breath is our shield

    Focus is our sword

  8. What is your Egos favorite emotion

    Favorite narrative it plays over and over

  9. beautiful Marty

  10. Thank you

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