What does improving (healing) feel like, look like?



In the beginning, PTSD was a stranger, an unknown entity.

It took me six months of discovery and reading to understand what Ptsd was all about. Finding therapies and skills to heal took more time.

Then, healing only arrived with great effort, the results were subtle, unnoticed for days and weeks.

In my healing period, I could feel a shift inside, then a couple of days later, calm would arrive.

For me, a couple of days of nirvana-type feelings surrounded me before the next buried trauma arrived.

At other times, it was like I took a few side steps, changing the angle my trauma was viewed.

This different landscape changed the power of Ptsd.

In my opinion, those two steps to the side were away from my Ego.

Healing looks and feels different than we can ever imagine.

Without the Egos penchant for drama, bias, and turmoil, reality looks much different.

The ability to be flexible, to be able to change and adapt is key to wellbeing.

Get to know your Ego, his/her tendencies, vulnerabilities, judgments.

What is your Ego’s favorite emotion?

What is your Ego’s favorite narrative?

How can you battle a ghost, get to know your mind, your mind’s creation, the Ego!



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