Let’s practice observing

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Can you visualize yourself watching a rerun on T.V.?

I can see the back of my head in my favorite chair, watching a rerun of me. Can you see thoughts and emotions happening as you watch you?

Rudid96, the observer is my true self, then who I am observing?

Simple, it is the Ego being observed.

The Ego judges the performance of the rerun, the true self observes without any judgment. So the Ego has judgments and thoughts happening while the true self remains focused.

Practice, this will allow you to step back when a trigger fires or an intrusive thought arrives.

I meditate to develop a space between stimulus and judgment.

A small increment of time so I can decide to act or ignore my Ego’s desire.

Can you observe PTSDs irrational thought process, the intense emotions from a distance?

Are you always part of the process or can you pull away and observe.

Can you focus, take a few focused breaths, and see reality without the Ego’s input?

Practice observing yourself watching T.V.

Can you shut your eyes, take five slow, deep breaths and see your thoughts, your emotions, your affect?

We can impact PTSD symptoms and influence with practice.

My meditation skills have brought me the most relief, given me the ability to focus, not fear triggers firing, striving to improve when things get bad.

Observation does not happen by mistake, it takes daily work to learn then apply it in daily life.

We all can strengthen our observation skills and application.



4 responses to this post.

  1. I agree, it can really help if we develop these observation skills. It might take practice, but it is worth it.

  2. Well said

    We are actively trying to heal

    We do not take action when we are in victim mode

    Not taking action, not trying is victim mode for me

    If I give up I sink deep

  3. Posted by rudid96 on September 29, 2021 at 5:08 pm

    Mindful Marty, I’ve been reading and rereading my copy of your post yesterday Ego/Self. Anxieties before an evening interpreting assignment – I conscientiously brought myself back to the present, naming only what was before the senses.
    Afterward, and all during today, I’ve found countless examples of my Ego leading the emotional pack. It’s exhausting, all this noticing. Is this the initial experience of other people that are new to this observing role? I’m wondering if my Ego has run the show so much that there’s not much left of a Self?

    Question – Can a person really achieve the qualities listed yesterday in the Self section? Is that my trauma speaking, or my skepticism?
    Will practicing meditation and remaining present, without labeling, effectively help one lean into the qualities of Self?
    It seems like such a daunting task.

  4. First, I suffer from Ptsd

    But I worked everyday

    My therapy helped because I applied it through my meditation practice

    We have the ability to notice, and observe
    Take a step back
    We stop the dissociating in that moment

    The noticing is awkward and exhausting

    Our ego, inner critic and ego
    sort of combine

    For us ego is in charge most of the time

    Keep observing it will get easier

    Remember what your going and the results that happen

    Our basics are what we depend on

    Question – Can a person really achieve the qualities listed yesterday in the Self section? Is that my trauma speaking, or my skepticism?

    We need achieve nothing, self is perfect and there all the time

    We get lost in our egos weaknesses

    Breathe let go

    What are your senses observing ?

    It’s there

    The present moment is always available

    Is it not

    Not thinking
    Not grasping emotions is also present

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