A couple followers get results



Recently two followers shared therapies that have made a difference for them. PTSD is finicky, what works for one has no impact on another.

My advice is have an open mind, keep adapting, and trying new things. I am grateful for followers sharing their journey.

Marcella Cahill:

“I finally have regulated my nervous system and have found a calmness & sense of peace inside.

Neurofeedback was the final piece for me. I live in Ireland and I do this remotely with a therapist in the states. I’m not sure if you ever tried this but

for me, it has been a life-changer. I experience the world in a completely different way and I finally have a sense of myself. I’m a nurse and had to give up my career

because I couldn’t function and am not looking forward to returning to the world of work. It may be worth a try. Please feel free to email me if you want any info

on it. I always believed I’d find my way out please believe you can too.”



Laurajane74 wrote:

“This is maybe a little out of the blue…I know you’ve read and studied so much when it comes to this subject (childhood trauma/cptsd) but I want to recommend a book to you, if you’re interested. It’s called “No Bad Parts” by Richard C. Schwartz. It’s new this year, and as I’m reading it I’m finding a new perspective on healing trauma, it’s very practical and helpful for me so far. I’ve read and studied and meditated and been in therapy forever, too. I know how hard it is, and how much I long for a full recovery, or an end to my symptoms…I’ve had good progress the last few years, lots of setbacks, too. I appreciate you sharing your journey and I’ve learned a lot from your posts. Thank you”



My two cents: The internal family system helped me. Dissociation is a huge issue for us.

Biofeedback did not help me but I would recommend you try it. It is simple and straightforward.



4 responses to this post.

  1. It’s too bad there isn’t one way to help everyone but thank goodness there are ways to help, even if it is different for each person. My heart hurts for anyone that has to go through this.

  2. Posted by Marella Cahill on September 14, 2021 at 9:19 am

    Thank you Marty for sharing my feedback. Internal Family systems therapy also helped me as well. Dissociation was my biggest symptom. I do think a combination of therapies are required. it takes massive persistence and determination to defeat this beast. Thank you so much for sharing your journey on this blog it helped me considerably some days it was actually a lifeline. I hope you find more peace and healing . You so deserve it!
    Best Wishes Marella

  3. Mine also

    I find it difficult to see others suffering

  4. We need to have more hope
    More successes

    We all deserve better than what happened to us

    One thing that is a plus for me,
    Is this blog and the mindfulness group I ran

    I have helped others in the middle of my mess

    That is a permanent thing I carry with honor and gratitude

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom

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