Understanding and Exploiting PTSD



Ptsd is like chronic pain, she fluctuates, intensity changes and our behavior can influence the outcome.

My behavior also fluctuates, during intense activation, I play defense.

Ptsd can be overwhelming in the beginning or when another old trauma surfaces, intrusive thoughts proliferate.

With daily practice, we gain some mastery over PTSD’s power.

The stronger my ability to focus, the more power I attain.

Letting go and diffusing trauma thoughts are at the apex of our wellbeing.

It’s a simple calculation, the more time I spend in this present moment focused, the more well-being, is earned.

The more I grasp and entertain trauma memories the more I suffer.

Time spent in the past is detrimental unless we are integrating the trauma to the present moment.

Questions to ask: Can I stay present today, can I enjoy well-being?

Just for today.

Easier to fight a one-day battle than the rest of our lives.

I have an impact on today, not tomorrow.

We gain well-being by winning these small moment-to-moment battles for control.

It’s a marathon, the journey is the reward, only permanent things count.

I love the sound of us Exploiting Ptsd.

We can develop skills to exploit PTSD!



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