Many kids had it much worse than me!



Many kids had it far worse than I did.

I have gratitude for the skills and opportunities provided Me to survive my ordeal.

My dad wanted me to be a pro baseball player, which gave me the escape and opportunity to develop willpower and persistence.

Dad could have been a destructive alcoholic without ambition who just beat and criticized me.

He demanded I be twice as good as the other kids, cruel but such a great outlet of physical expression and accomplishment.

I was lucky.

This sentiment was hatred for a long time, but my abuse made me who I am.

Some of my father’s abuse developed incredible skills other kids never had.

My ability to perform on a baseball and basketball court/field either lessened or increased my abuse.

There was great incentive to be the very best I could be.

Psychologically, you did not want to be my opposition, I could win in so many ways. I could find weakness and exploit it.

A big monster was waiting for me outside the ring, a kid did not have a chance against me most of the time.

Unfortunately, as a teetertotter works, great strength physically is balanced by weakness socially.

These skills helped me heal the first time.

We must help those left behind.

So many suffer a lifetime from their childhood.

We have skills and tools, many are isolated, frozen, terrified, suffering.

I hope to inspire a few to take action.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Ptsd is s
    Selfish disorder

    We fear so
    Much and have such anxiety that our focus is about avoiding danger or thinking about triggers or about avoiding

    Always thought I had a spotlight on me

    Thought my flaws stood out

    I grew up in shame

    To get away from a shamed self

    I am

  2. Posted by rudid96 on September 2, 2021 at 5:37 pm

    I learn, I apply, I stumble, fall backward, and repeat. I’m inspired by this blog. In multiple ways. It encourages, and sometimes even soothes because there’s a feeling of being understood.

  3. I fight the same battle like all of us in this blog

    We have good days and not so good days

    You have security to express yourself

    I am holding space for others expression in a sense

    Wow that sounds like I am kicking ass

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