Ptsd Matures as we work to minimize him/her!

Pixabay OpenClipart-Vectors


My PTSD is different from ten years ago, with no outrageous anxiety, no fight or flight mechanism firing, no great danger perceived.

Now, Ptsd presents himself cognitively, enticing my “Ego” with past emotional violations or traumatic transgressions burned into memory.

Our “Ego” feels outraged, finds power in victim mode, opportunity.

The “Ego” wants revenge, restitution, exoneration, and enormous time to cognitively wrestle with the old crap.

The “Ego” wants control, whether we suffer or not, is beyond the “Ego’s” senses.

I have spent hours wondering why me, how, and what if, till my body shook and went numb.

I am better now because my mind is more stable, focused, able to let the thoughts go immediately.

Nothing is guaranteed, know this goes a hundredfold for PTSD.

Expect trauma to be problematic, Expect to be acutely aware for the rest of your life.

Know what it takes to enjoy well-being.

The choice to fight this war is the responsibility of the person you see in the mirror.

Whatever wellbeing we attain will be earned with daily action.



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