The mind, ,,,,,,our freeway system

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Pay attention to what you are doing!

How many times did you hear that as a kid?

If you observe a seasoned meditator, a few things become apparent.

They move with purpose, not fast, not slow, a mind uncluttered by thoughts functions at a higher level.

Think about a city like Los Angeles, the freeway system is our brains pathways. Getting from one area to the next can be congested, confused, gridlock, or easy sailing.

An accomplished meditator has a freeway system with light to sporadic traffic, rarely reaching rush-hour congestion.

In Los Angeles as in our head, some traffic is always out there, even at two in the morning.

Thoughts, negative emotions, trauma, anxiety, and our identity narrative make up the traffic.

Thoughts follow us through our history, memories of loss or embarrassment, prevent us from trying new things.

Optimum wellbeing happens when traffic is low, focus is strongest and thoughts have receded peacefully…

How do we reach this point?

I reach this point at times, euphoric for me, but my issue is staying there long enough to enjoy my wellbeing.

Inside our mind, we decide how much traffic flows on our freeway.



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