Benefits from writing this Rag!

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I would have been considered a half-assed daily journal writer if my blog did not exist.

Now, I find old posts insightful, a peek into my mindset over the last decade.

I wrote this in December, You can not steal my kindness, gratitude, or meditation practice. They cost nothing but are more valuable than all my possesssions.

At times I am extremely positive, enthusiastic, assuming final victory, then way down in the dumps at other times.

The weather inside our heads determines attitude, safety, trust, and wellbeing.

Healing, well-being, and happiness are internal states of being, all existing in one-time frame, in one-time zone, this present moment, now.

We do not see our battle clearly, we focus on the periphery, waste our effort in numerous ways.

We need to focus on skills that allow us to stay present, allows us to observe instead of judge.

The more I think, cognitively leaving this moment to meander into the past, the more I waste my energy, the more I suffer.

When PTSD erupts into our life, we are lost, confused, and terrified.

The first battle is with our fight or flight mechanism. We need to calm this mechanism from firing from perceived threats, first.

Next, our battle should focus on staying present, empty of thought, or directing thought towards a known goal.

Ptsd loses power when we stay in the present moment.

What skills (tools) help you the most to stay present.

Focus needs to be practiced and developed.

Sports was my first adventure into focus, shooting a basketball, hitting a baseball.

These were physical sports, using hand-eye coordination and the ability to slow the event down.

Meditation attempts to do nothing, accomplish nothing, change nothing, it is a focus exercise, an internal way of intense concentration.

Well-being lies in discovering our internal state of being.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by rudid96 on August 30, 2021 at 1:39 pm

    Currently, my go-to tool is to focus on ‘this mundane moment.’ Surprisingly, a practiced focus on what’s immediately happening takes more than anticipated energy. Looking back, there have been many tools suggested. Some, like a hand on the heart, following the breath or naming what I see are embedded. Others I’ve tried were tried abandoned. They proved unsustainable. Relational gratitude as it relates to in-person human engagement has been more challenging.

  2. Its similar to meds, one works for one and not the other

    For me. Meditation or focus on the breath, hearing and visual aids is my strongest and best tool

    It helps me use other skills, allows me to let go and enter this moment, free of the thoughts and anxiety

    I do not use all the tools I learned as you

    Not sustainable or not worth it

    Many try to use to many tools or try to fix to many symptoms at one time

    Hunt with a laser not a shotgun. When dealing with trauma recovery

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