This mundane moment is all there is, all we have!



This mundane moment is all there is.

That goes for everyone, the gifted, the wealthy, the poor, the abused, the old, and the young.

Yes we think happiness is this part of a life with many successes, possessions, and status.

Look at our filthy rich politicians, do they act like they are happy?

Look at the rhetoric in America now, think well-being springs from such hateful and divisive emotional attacks on each other.

We hate the other side so bad we destroy our balance and chance at wellbeing.

Collectively we are lost as a nation, most do not see or care how many suffer.

Yes, some lives look much more fun, more good times and celebrations but these lives have many mundane moments also.



If we can not find wellbeing in our mundane moments, life will be shallow, we will always want what we are overlooking.



Long-time meditators have discovered the beauty inside these mundane moments. What looks boring also holds perfection and well-being.

I have uncovered well-being from time to time inside my empty mind.

Wandering outside, a little bored the other day, I noticed a flower.

I saw perfection without thought, a depth of enormous beauty all around me. Perfection can take us on a little journey, look for it, it surrounds us.

My dealings with nature, surrounded by trees and rivers, feels much different than my interaction with people.

Unfortunately, I find more wellbeing, more peace and focus when I am alone.

Ptsd symptoms around people make these moments far from mundane, too many negative emotions destroy any chance of a mundane moment, more anxiety and fear.

We all have a different relationship with things, possessions and people.

Where do you find perfection, wellbeing in places?



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  1. Posted by rudid96 on August 28, 2021 at 6:45 pm

    Where do you find perfection, wellbeing in places?

    I find wellbeing in nature. Whether I’m hiking in the woods, up a mountain, or while walking my dog, I observe the trees, the plants, and birds, the bugs. I love to listen to flowing water or watch the wind move the trees.
    Nature’s perfect in its imperfect mastery. My well-being is easy in the water when I swim, when paddling a kayak, cross-country skiing and always when I bicycle. Peace is found. My mind stills. There’s a spaciousness that fills this human vessel. That is my meditation.
    When I’m with people, I’m too self-aware; too uncomfortable. My window of tolerance is tiny. I’ve attempted to capture what I see with my camera but I never do it justice. My pictures are just for me. In the depth of winter, they are sweet memories.

  2. That’s a space we feel alive

    Our trauma recedes

    Around people they bring to many many risks or consequences

    I especially fear the group or collective rebuke that may be possible

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