The Creature we invent




Rick Hanson gave us this gem, “Consider renouncing specialness—including being important and admired”.

The person we create, “Our Ego”, for identity, morphs into the biggest barrier to wellbeing.

Our “Ego” is the invention that craves importance, approval and constantly compares us to them.

He/She wants to be special.

On the flip side, an unworthy “Ego” stains our being, sentencing us to suffer.

He/She judges everything, adding strong emotion, never feeling equal to another “Ego”.

Our restlessness and unworthiness spring from this polluted well.

A mythical figure (Ego) used to separate us from them, battles us for power and control.

My “Ego” is the one who gets upset, pissed, jealous, resentful, ungrateful, anxious, and depressed.

The Ego” is the culprit, not feeling important enough, valued enough.

All these judgments are abstract and damaging.

Look at all the turmoil we escape when our “Ego” operates in perspective.

The less I judge others, the better my chance at wellbeing.

All my anger travels through my “Egos” comparison machine, deciding if I am above or below them.

If our “Ego” is in charge, we are self-centered, desires turn into needs quickly, drama and turmoil are not far behind.

While meditating, I go below my “Ego”, below my PTSD.

I am happiest in the present moment with my identity at rest, my senses dominate, not the cognitive giant.

We get into trouble letting our minds wander, our awareness needs to be intense.

Directed thought or being in the moment are the two safe places, spaces.

Yes, he/she is the one who holds grudges.

How can we be as kind as we want when we judge others harshly?

Take inventory. Find any judgment that you can release, let go?

They are similar to a ball and chain.

We can always make a judgment when a scenario arrives.

We have so much bandwidth in our brain, why fill up with judgments and negative feelings.



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  1. Hard to figure my writing and my blog

    I thought today’s post was insightful

    Other days a lackluster post draws attention

    Good thing I write for me also

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